Trian3DBuilder Release 7.8

New Command Line Generation, Improved Lua Scripting, and More!

Trian3DBuilder’s latest release features improved Lua scripting and a new command line generation tool, streamlining the terrain generation process! 

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Trian3DBuilder, our powerful terrain generation software. With this release, we’ve added a new command line that encapsulates the generation core, and we’ve made significant improvements to our Lua scripting functionality.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made to the software:

  • TrianBuild: 
    The generation core has been encapsulated, enabling command prompt execution without the need for a user interface. Furthermore, it has been ported to Linux to run in a docker container, allowing the generation process to be performed in server and cloud environments. With its enhanced scripting support, TrianBuild becomes a versatile tool, that can be used as a flexible generation and testing pipeline for 3D scene maps.

  • Lua scripting: 
    Since release 7.7 Lua enables users to automate tasks and customize the software to their specific needs. With the latest release, we’ve improved Lua scripting functionality to make it even more flexible and powerful. One of the major improvements is the addition of new debug capabilities, allowing users to easily identify errors and fix them more quickly. We’ve also made improvements to the documentation, making it easier to find information and learn how to use the scripting language.
  • CDB LOD Models: 
    LOD models with significant size attributes are deconstructed, and each LOD is written to appropriate CDB LOD.
  • OpenDRIVE Import: 
    We’ve optimized segment count, improved robustness when roads are intersecting, and added the option to switch off height interpolation for crossing curves. We’ve also made several general improvements to the import process.
  • Triangulation: 
    We’ve added new crossing triangulation based on crossing internal roads (optional) and added a TIN simplifier with reproducible results even when no height data is present. We’ve also added the ability to remove thin triangles from the mesh.
  • Modifier Marking: 
    We’ve added new options for the marking modifier, including zigzag marking.
  • Hexagon VirtualTestDrive: 
    We have further improved the OpenSceneGraph (osgb) for use in VTD. Luminance values can now be specified for HDR export. Wet road surfaces can be derived from a VTD base material and adjusted using multi-layer in Trian3DBuilder.
  • Misc. Optimizations and Improvements: 
    We’ve made several other improvements and optimizations to the software to improve overall performance and user experience.

We’re excited about these new improvements and hope they will help you generate terrain faster and more efficiently than ever before!