Driving Databases

Road Generation: providing extensive and complex road networks for autonomous driving tests & other applications with top quality and highest efficiency.

  • Real-world data: import any popular source data on the market (OpenDRIVE, HERE RDF, HERE HD Live Maps, OpenStreetMap, …)

  • Traffic Logic: export to OpenDRIVE or ESRI Shapefile format

  • Detailed environments: complement logical data with game-quality visual 3D terrains

  • Features: profiled roads, complex crossings, markings, signs & signals, bridges, tunnels, over-/underpasses,…

Ground Databases

We deliver high-detailed environments in a multitude of formats optimized for real-time rendering.

  • Feature-rich terrains in game quality with the highest level of detail and of unlimited size.

  • Targeting all main platforms and simulation systems on the market: Serious Games (VBS, Steel Beasts Professional, Titan Vanguard), Unity,…

  • Meta-data for all kind of use-cases: CGF, sensor simulation, traffic simulation,…

    • Accurate material classification with physical attributes using raster maps, vector attributes, AI splines, all ground features as vector data,…

  • Urban scenario generation with special focus on realistic profiled roads, crossings and buildings.


Flight Databases

Creation of comprehensive airports and large-scale databases for flight simulations.

  • Fully-featured Airports from huge database of over 20.000 airports worldwide.

    • Lighting (approach lights, PAPIs, taxiway lights)

    • Runways, taxiways, approns, markings, signs,…

  • Vast landscapes: optimized for real-time rendering using terrain tiles and supporting sceneGraph, LODs & paging/streaming.

  • Various terrain types: Geospecific (from real-world data), geotypical (from land use data) or generic (procedural).

Maritime Databases

Maritime scenarios from nautical charts with extensive feature set.

  • Import nautical chart data (S57/S63/7Cs) for real-world scenarios.

  • Coastline and seabed with smooth terrain transition.

  • Realistic harbours with docks, piers and quay walls.

  • Buoys and beacons, topmarks, blink sequences, flexible light settings,…

Software Development

We offer professional software services in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation.

  • Dedicated team with more than 15 years of experience in engineering a top of the line COTS product.

  • Wide-ranging modification of Trian3DBuilder to meet your requirements.

  • Trian3DBuilder SDK: plugin development for individual demands.

  • Profound expertise in GIS and 3D formats import/export/conversion.

3D Modeling

Professional and affordable 3D modeling services with top quality for optimized render performance.

  • Our models are optimized for 3D real time rendering, include various LevelOfDetails, destruction states and textures for PBR.
  • Contact us for more details, we will find the best solution for you.