Driving Databases

Road Generation: providing extensive and complex road networks for autonomous driving tests & other applications with top quality and highest efficiency.

  • Real-world data: import any popular source data on the market (OpenDRIVE, HERE RDF, HERE HD Live Maps, OpenStreetMap, Genesis …) You can also import LIDAR data (.las, .pcd), into the 3D viewer, seamlessly integrating all geo data, palettes, rules, and more.

  • Traffic Logic: Easily export your road networks to industry-standard formats such as OpenDRIVE or ESRI Shapefile. Carla integration for visually enhanced traffic simulations.

  • Detailed environments: complement logical data with game-quality visual 3D terrains. Seamless export to Unreal Engine and fbx export to Unity.

  • Features: profiled roads, complex crossings, markings, signs & signals, bridges, tunnels, over-/underpasses, and more.

  • Road import according to country code: use country-specific road templates and signs. Over 1200 traffic signs using MUTCD (USA) and StVO (Germany) naming conventions to be automatically placed in your projects.

Ground Databases

We deliver high-detailed environments in a multitude of formats optimized for real-time rendering.

  • Feature-rich terrains in game quality with the highest level of detail and of unlimited size.

  • Targeting all main platforms and simulation systems on the market: Serious Games (VBS, Steel Beasts Professional, Titan Vanguard), Unity, Unreal Engine (Carla)

  • glTF and 3DTiles support: seamless import the new OGC standard format glTF 2.0 and effortless export 3DTiles and native glTF formats.

  • Import and export in OGC CDB (common database) standard.

  • Meta-data for all kind of use-cases: CGF, sensor simulation, traffic simulation,…

    • Accurate material classification with physical attributes using raster maps, vector attributes, AI splines, all ground features as vector data,…

  • Urban scenario generation with special focus on realistic profiled roads, crossings and buildings.

Flight Databases

Creation of comprehensive airports and large-scale databases for flight simulations.

  • Fully-featured Airports from huge database of over 20.000 airports worldwide.

    •  Choice between ICAO or DAFIF codes

    • Lighting (light type attributes, approach lights, PAPIs, taxiway lights)

    • Relief height adjustment, runways, taxiways, approns, markings, signs,…

  • Import and export in OGC CDB (common database) standard.

  • Vast landscapes: optimized for real-time rendering using terrain tiles and supporting sceneGraph, LODs & paging/streaming.

  • Various terrain types: Geospecific (from real-world data), geotypical (from land use data) or generic (procedural).

Maritime Databases

Maritime scenarios from nautical charts with extensive feature set.

  • Import nautical chart data (S57/S63/7Cs) for real-world scenarios.

  • Coastline and seabed with smooth terrain transition.

  • Realistic harbours with docks, piers and quay walls.

  • Buoys and beacons, topmarks, blink sequences, flexible light settings,…

Software Development

We offer professional software services in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation.

  • Dedicated team with more than 15 years of experience in engineering a top of the line COTS product.

  • Wide-ranging modification of Trian3DBuilder to meet your requirements.

  • Trian3DBuilder SDK: plugin development for individual demands.

  • Profound expertise in GIS and 3D formats import/export/conversion.

3D Modeling

Professional and affordable 3D modeling services with top quality for optimized render performance.

  • Our models are optimized for 3D real time rendering, include various LevelOfDetails, destruction states and textures for PBR.
  • Contact us for more details, we will find the best solution for you.