Trian3DBuilder Release 7.5

Save editing time and system resources with the enhanced features of version 7.5

We are happy to announce that a new version of our Terrain Database Generation Systemย is ready to download!

Version 7.5 contains enhanced CDB and Roads features. This improvements will save you editing time and computer resources by offering higher automation and the optimization of the generated databases.

New features at a glance:

HereHD Bridge detection
Accurate detection of bridge roads and automatic placement of bridges modifiers.
Automatic subdivision steps calculation for beziers.
There is no need to set the bezierโ€™s resolution level manually. The minimum steps needed for a smooth visualization will be automatically calculated. Alternatively you can globally set a maximal resolution per vector, and a deviation tolerance.
OpenDrive additions:
Importing LateralShapes is now supported.
General enhancements on the import/export of objects and outlines have been added.
CDB Upgrades:
Now supporting extended materials for OpenFlight version 16.7
Further optimization of import/export features.