TrianGraphics Showcasing Full CarMaker Integration at IPG Open House!

Join us at the IPG Open House Germany in Karlsruhe on March 12th, 2024.

March 6, 2024

Visit us at Booth 15  and discover how Trian3DBuilder 3D scenarios seamlessly integrate into CarMaker, including roads, objects, materials, sensor support, traffic signs and signals, along with other special attribute assignment capabilities.

Export your 3D scenarios with ease using dedicated configurations for CarMaker with support for IPGMovie and Movie NX. The traffic logic is exported to Road5 and is enhanced with specific or procedural 3D environments in OBJ and glTF format. Objects are tagged separately for segmentation and all materials support PBR and material assignment for sensor simulation. A fully featured scene map is generated automatically from various data sources and can directly be loaded into CarMaker to start development and testing. 

Use Trian3DBuilder-generated terrains in your CarMaker simulations for precise and automated production, simplifying the process while ensuring flexibility, accuracy and detail. Visit us at Booth 15 at IPG Open House Germany on March 12th, 2024 – we’ll be thrilled to give you a firsthand look!

When: March 12th
Where:  IPG Open House Germany, Karlsruhe,  Booth 15

Trian3DBuilder CarMaker Exporter in Detail

The dedicated plugin exports Road5 for roads and traffic logic. The environment is exported into Wavefront OBJ for IPGMovie and glTF for MovieNX, providing a fully featured 3D scenario to be loaded into CarMaker.

Road5  Our exporter handles Road5 with precision. This includes clothoid lines featuring heights and lateral offsets, as well as lane sections and lanes with specifications for width, type, and material. Moreover, it can accurately export markings, detailing their type, position, and material. Junctions, along with their arms and connecting roads, are also seamlessly handled. The exporter ensures signals are properly represented, covering mounts, traffic signs, and traffic lights. Additionally, it handles objects efficiently, assigning models as needed, and enables the inclusion of sign plates with designated image assignments. The exporter offers an added benefit by facilitating automatic data transfer into CarMaker, encompassing Road5 data, models, and images, such as road and marking textures, as well as signs.

3DModel Support: Export to IPG Movie and MovieNX Engine

Our exporter simplifies the process by offering tailored configurations for both of Car Maker formats: IPGMovie and the cutting-edge Movie NX. Whether you’re exporting for IPGMovie with Wavefront Obj or for Movie NX using glTF, Trian3DBuilder seamlessly adapts to your needs. PBR material support ensures game quality and enhances the visual fidelity of your creations. Moreover, the exporter ensures that both versions enable the export of object segmentation and sensor view, facilitating object separation through Trian3DBuilder‘s Modifier Road5Object and sensor tagging via material ID.

Trian3DBuilder integration

With Trian3DBuilder, your workflow becomes effortlessly streamlined as project data is automatically synchronized with CarMaker. This encompasses Road5 data, models, and images, including textures for roads, markings, and signs. Moreover, Trian3DBuilder facilitates parallel export for both Movie NX and IPGMovie, while simplifying material ID assignment and object class type, ensuring a straightforward process. Additionally, Trian3DBuilder supports a variety of database types, enabling the inclusion of specific or procedurally generated high-quality environments 

Do you want to know more? Pay us a visit in the IPG Open House or request our latest demo terrain.