Trian3DBuilder Update verfügbar!

Für die Version 5.3 von Trian3DBuilder ist ein Update auf Version 5.3.2 verfügbar. Service & Support Kunden können das Update einfach per Hilfe -> Search for Updates im Trian3DBuilder herunterladen.

Sollten das Auto-Update aufgrund lokaler Sicherheitsvorschriften nicht funktionieren kontaktieren Sie unseren Kundenservice um einen direkten Download zu erhalten:

Release Notes for Trian3DBuilder v5.3.2
* inactive and invisible vector groups are unloaded from memory
* smoothing angle for shading of terrain geometry
* added "heading" to text exporter
* reduce triangle artefacts near tile border

* [fix] removed LOD switch for externals with LOD switches in model
* [fix] Round Earth projection with add tile matrix
* [fix] OpenFlight export issues
* [fix] map tree selection and performance optimization
* [fix] paged LOD radius
* [fix] VBS Export: road generation attributes    
* [fix] openflight normal assignment and support indexed uv coordinates
* [fix] multi threading issue in object placement
* [fix] rectangular areas
* [fix] roads planar heights from wizard
* [fix] quaternion calculation in TXTExporter
* [fix] Edit Vec Data with Missing ID
* [fix] lightpoint positions in geocentric
* [fix] view data after import in 2Dview
* [fix] Import Table FACC cancel
* [fix] inverted landcover colors
* [fix] change projection from geocentric to UTM and back
* [fix] change projection to UTM with no origin
* [fix] preview sensor mode
* [fix] multi threading object placement in geocentric
* [fix] reproject elevation several times
* [fix] vector height for dummy profile insert modstack
* [fix] misc.