Trian3DBuilder 5.3 Released!

TrianGraphics GmbH, released Trian3DBuilder 5.3, the latest version of its terrain database generation and modelling solution.

This minor release of Trian3DBuilder offers fully featured export to Havoks Vision Enginge, the landcover clime zone feature is back, WYSIWYG Edition improved and you get an overall better performance.

Service & Support customers can download the update easily via  Help -> Search for Updates inside of the Software.

If the update function do not work because of e.g. local security settings, please send an eMail to our support team to receive a direct download Link:

Release Notes for Trian3DBuilder v5.3 (31.03.2015)
* support footprints from geometry nodes
* support scale objects in geocentric
* improved vector render performance
* select line segment in 3D view
* reactivate climezone in landcover data tab
* improved generation performance for generic / geotypic texturing
* improved WYSIWYG display
* improved elevation interpolation
* improved VBS2 export - create pbo file for customer structures
* improved AttributeSearchDlg - search in different selections
* new dongle feature: disable maintenance for certain modules only
* object connector optional split in smaller parts
* vector tool "refine vectors" with optional split in segments
* VBS2 Exporter
    - reduce memory in collision generation
    - support DOF and light oint P3D export

* VBS Exporter
    - [fix] road generation attributes    
    - [fix] view world wide maps in UTM 2D view
* [fix] DDS able to load in Creator
* [fix] object clone in geocentric projection
* [fix] gap in multi-grids and automatic walls insertion
* [fix] misc. round earth and geocentric projection issues
* [fix] sensor ID images: support for multiple layers and alpha blend
* [fix] VBS2 Mulitmap user input
* [fix] Geocentric / RoundEarth issues in GUI
* [fix] paged LOD switch distances
* [fix] MetaFlight Geocentric export
* [fix] geotypic texture with elevation minheight/scale/offset
* [fix] modifier height type drop generation
* [fix] local override for sub points
* [fix] point rotation GUI input
* [fix] RoundEarth with external object
* [fix] BuildingXT with local override
* [fix] overlapped inserts with same segments
* [fix] paged LOD switch distances
* [fix] footprint visualization and editing
* [fix] remove unsupported image formats
* [fix] geocentric generation in DEMO
* [fix] external paged LOD distance
* [fix] render order of raster maps with different resolution
* [fix] filestructure local paths
* [fix] misc.