Trian3DBuilder 5 announced!

TrianGraphics GmbH today announces the release of Trian3DBuilder 5. This major release is now offering an SDK with Plugin system, further improved roads and crossing generation, as well as procedural buildings with varied facade elements. The new software version will be showcased at ITEC 2013, booth D120.

Trian3DBuilder is a powerful database generation system with a special focus on ease of use. The new major release v5.0 now provides an SDK and thus enables customers to enhance the software in accordance with their special needs. The plugin system offers the implementation of importers from and exporters to raster, geometry, vector and complete terrain formats. The GUI can be enhanced flexibly and so called modifiers encapsulating generation features with dynamic GUI dialogs are supported. Special generation features like texture filters can also be added.

Trian3DBuilder’s new road generation capabilities from real-world data for traffic and driving simulations are especially impressive. Complex road networks are generated completely automatically from real-world data and all traffic AI informations are exported to OpenDrive format. Navteq RDS data is loaded efficiently and provides additional road attributes as well as advanced terrain informations such as hydrography layers, vegetation and POIs. Traffic signs for speed, yield, place-name and direction are also generated and placed automatically. The road data is analyzed to detect bridges, tunnels, junctions, driveups and forkings.

The new procedural building facade generation with generic interiors complete the feature set for urban scenarios. Buildings are generated from outlines and enriched with oriels, windows and facade elements.

Several terrain formats can now be exported in parallel with individual settings. Raster data is ordered more comfortable in a tree, improved debug output and a powerful attribute search further improve workflow and efficiency for many daily tasks. With its simple workflow and new use concept based on modular construction templates, Trian3DBuilder is the first next generation terrain creation tool on the simulation market. Flexible licensing options with the choice for various feature/export upgrades, a short training period and an overall simplified tool chain help cut costs in the everyday production process.

“The new Plugin system is taking Trian3DBuilder to the next level” said Stephan Kussmaul, Managing Director, TrianGraphics GmbH. “The codebase has been refactored extensively to provide our customers even more future safety.”