Trian3DBuilder Release 7.6

Check out the new modules: Genesis Import and LIDAR import!

Improvements on Airports, Roads and CDB Modules have been implemented, read more here

We are happy to announce that a new version of our Terrain Database Generation System is ready to download!

Check out some of the new features:

Airport Module:

  • Improved Dialog
  • Import off DAFIF Shape data is now supported
  • Different runways end heights are now supported
  • Relief height is now supported
  • Lighttype attributes added: useful to filter different light types.

Genesis Import:

  • New module to convert Genesis project files to Trian3DBuilder project: Imports all geo data, palettes, rules,…


  • Improved performance and memory consumption for CDB Export
  • New tool to assign CDB Attributes depending on modifier


  • Import of LiDAR data (.las, .pcd) into the 3D view for comparison with the general database or modeling support


  • Height polynom support added
  • Now with editable markings for “driveups” crossing type
  • Handling and dialog of the “Road Add/Adjust Crossing Internal” tool have been improved
  • New OpenDrive Exporter settings: “Export CrossingCurves”
  • New modifier “SignalController” that simplifies the setting of controllers for OpenDrive export


  • Support of road vectors and point links in different separate vector files
  • New tool to randomly sub-select from vector selection
  • New high-resolution textures facades of different building types