TrianGraphics at I/ITSEC in Orlando

TrianGraphics presents the latest version of their database generation system Trian3DBuilder at  I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida from November 30th until December 4th.

The upcoming version of Trian3DBuilder introduces a new Maritime Module, several major features and a multitude of further improvements.

Trian3DBuilder now supports Complex VBS Roads and Junctions. VBS users can now also benefit from the powerful generation capabilities for road networks from real-world data. For this purpose the road geometry is split up and exported to p3d.

The Maritime Module enhances Trian3DBuilder with special features for maritime simulation and nautical training. ENC data is imported and automatically attributed. Trian3DBuilder now generates the exact coastline with transition to the seabed which is Delaunay triangulated from depth contours. Quay walls, piers and other shoreline constructions are generated and all buoys with lights and blink code are placed. Inland waters are cut into the terrain mesh and can also be traveled by ship.
The landscape is populated with objects and vegetation. Complex roads networks can also be generated. The result is exported to a multitude of standard formats, optimized for real-time rendering and with unlimited size.

The new version of Trian3DBuilder supports direct import of OpenDrive format with an exact resemblance of the real-world data to construct highly accurate roads and junctions. The Road Editing capabilities have been improved significantly by introducing more flexible mapping  and adding modes for convenient editing. The completely new Road Height Editor allows simple assignment of height and slope to the roads.
TrianGraphics’ Team is looking forward to your visit at the 2015 I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida.

Visit us and our partner Simthetiq at booth 964 or make an individual appointment: 

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