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Antycip Simulation offers integrated solutions and COTS products for the visual simulation market across most of Western Europe. A complete range of tools from leading vendors that caters to every need our customers might have as well as extensive experience and know-how. Antycip Simulation distribute and support Trian3DBuilder.



Simlabs is a Bangalore based Visual Simulation Technology company, run by a group of visionary and dynamic professionals having good experience in modeling, simulation and training industry with expertise in 3D content development, software development, technical support, product training, sales and marketing.

Simlabs’s offerings include products and services for 3D object modeling, 3D terrain modeling, real-time visual simulation applications, tactical or combat simulation applications, human machine interface display applications and 3D interactive visual applications development.

The primary objective of the company is to be the one-stop visual simulation technology provider for customers across various industry segments by offering high quality and cost effective technology products and services, adhering to customer requirements and time lines.



Millenium Gate Company

Millenium Gate Company is dedicated to sell high-end solutions for Visual Simulation, Training and i3D vizualization. This includes COTS software, PC and special hardware, interfaces. Millenium Gate Company distributes and support Trian3DBuilder for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.



Latinmedia is the leading regional provider of comprehensive simulation and IT solutions - tools, products and professional services - for customers in commercial, military and government markets. Latinmedia offers the latest technological solutions, as well as finished products, and integration of solutions for development of applications for simulation and visualization, and real-time control. Latinmedia distributes and support Trian3DBuilder for Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.



Wincomn Technology Development Co., Ltd is a distributor of world famous brand-name AV products, who specialized in China professional AV field and supply the customers with consummate multi-media AV system solutions by professional system integration and excellent value-added service.



Power Vision has focused its major business on the Electrical Power, Manufacturing, Civil Aviation, Taxation, Finance, and Education industries through advanced technologies, products and solutions Its top-notch products include innovative and cost effective electricity components, instruments Computer Graphics Visualization system, High Performance Computers, Data Visualization Simulation and Information application systems.



WoorimTech is specialized in distributing scientific software in South Korea. WoorimTech distributes and support Trian3DBuilder.






MAK develops software solutions to link, simulate, and visualize the virtual world. The company builds commercial off the shelf simulation software that is flexible, portable and supported. MÄK puts its distributed simulation expertise in each of its interoperable products, from VR-Forces, MÄK’s computer generated forces toolkit to VR-Vantage, the company's visualization solution. For more information,



Virtual Simulations Inc., ansässig in Laval, Kanada, ist eine sich in privater Hand befindende Aktiengesellschaft, die im Jahr 2005 gegründet wurde und im Bereich Virtual Reality Simulationen tätig ist. Das Unternehmen besteht aus Mitarbeitern mit über 10 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich Virtuelle Realität. Es bietet Dienstleistungen an, die vom Marketing für VR Produkte und Projekt-Consulting, bis zu der Entwicklung von kompletten VR- Systemen für ihre Kunden reichen. Besuchen Sie für weitere Informationen



RTDynamics was founded in 2004 near the German Alps in Germany. We specialize in real-time flight dynamics models of rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft. We offer software products and custom software engineering solutions to our customers worldwide. Our first product RotorLib is an innovative software which allows realistic helicopter simulation for use in real-time simulation and training applications of special helicopter operations like SaR(search and rescue), insertions, aeromedial evacuations and vertical onboard delivery as well as for trainers for helicopter personel like, door gunner, winch operator and loadmaster. For more information, visit



Remograph provides products and services for the 3D modeling, computer graphics and visual simulation industries. Founded in 2005 and with over 10 years of experience, our ambition is to develop advanced and cost-effective solutions for end-users and developers of e.g. visual simulation systems, visual databases or virtual reality applications. Remograph's main product is Remo 3D™, an effective tool for creating and modifying 3D models intended for realtime visualization. Remo 3D's primary file format is OpenFlight® and it allows for importing from and exporting to different file formats. For more information, visit



The University Bonn, especially Institute for Computer Science 2, is our powerfull partner for research and development. We work together in a cooperative project for data powererd digital city building and synthesis.

The Institute of computer science II is divided to two working groups, Computer Graphics & Multimedia and Simulation & Virtual Reality. Both groups work closely to a wide range of topics from computer graphics, both in teaching and research.



HFC - Human Factors-Consult is TrianGraphics partner for the exploration and development of automatic generated digital real-time worlds for research-driving-simulators.

Since early 2003, advises the HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH, competent and successful in the field of human factors in traffic. The founder with her interdisciplinary team of 28 engineers and psychologists have over 20 years experience in this field.


The latest release of Trian3DBuilder comes with new features, export formats, performance and code base improvements:


In addition to the new FBX exporter optimized for Unity®, we have achieved a seamless integration with Titan Vanguard and VBS. OpenStreetMap format is now directly loaded from online servers, and one-way roads are automatically fixed with an offset. An improved height brush and best matching algorithms to place buildings on footprints complete the feature set of version 6.5. Furthermore, Trian3DBuilder has been updated to OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1.
Our Team has been working hard to offer the best integration between Trian3DBuilder and

This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

As an additional goodie, our Service & Support Customers will find the Trian3D Model Library XT completely free of charge in the installer section of the portal. The Trian3D Model Library XT contains almost 500 models with different LODs optimized for real-time rendering, a powerful resource for your 3D terrains.



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