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Havok Integrates Trian3DBuilder into Havok Simulation Framework

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Havok Integrates Trian3DBuilder into Havok Simulation Framework
December 01, 2014


Full Press Release by Havok:

Havok Integrates Trian3DBuilder into Havok Simulation Framework, Further strengthening already impressive end to end simulation toolkit

Trian3DBuilder Integration into Havok Simulation Enables Massively Streamlined Workflow when Generating 3D Terrain from Source Data

December 1, 2014 - San Francisco - Havok®, a leader in real-time simulation development and 3D visualization technology, has announced an innovative collaboration with TrianGraphics GmbH to integrate Trian3DBuilder into the Havok Simulation Framework™. Through this integration, simulation creators will benefit from access to one of the most intuitive high speed terrain generation solutions on the market. Adding Trian3DBuilder into the Havok Simulation Framework further strengthens Havok’s position as a thought leader and provider of open ended, modular software development solutions to the training and simulation industries. Havok technology, including the new integration with Trian3DBuilder software, will be available for demonstration at booth #1900 at I/ITSEC 2014, taking place in Orlando, Florida from December 1-5. TrianGraphics will be presenting Trian3DBuilder alongside their full suite of products at booth #871.

"Havok is a passionate believer in pioneering the adoption of open, modular end-to-end training solutions. Our partnership with the talented team at TrianGraphics hugely strengthens our simulation toolkit and gives users the opportunity to dramatically improve terrain generation workflow for large environments and from source data. This will result in increased quality, realism and enhanced workflow for our customer’s simulations” Says, Cory Kumm, Worldwide Director of Military & Simulation “With Trian3DBuilder we are further enhancing our existing support for OpenFlight and MetaFlight with direct support for source data and open standards, reflecting Havok’s commitment to support the training and simulation industry through our continued investment and our open and modular technologies”.

"With Trian3DBuilder TrianGraphics meets the most sophisticated requirements for modern terrain generation tools on the market", says Stephan Kussmaul, Managing Director, TrianGraphics. "Our software offers high visual quality as well as the ability to generate vast amounts of data through an extraordinary high level of automation. We are proud to announce our partnership with Havok and are keen to profit from their tremendous expertise for the benefit of all customers."

The Havok Simulation Framework is a complete end-to-end training solution that accurately simulates air, land and sea environments. The toolset leads the market through offering full Havok Physics™, Havok Destruction™ and Havok AI™ simulation alongside world class visuals, the result of Havok’s 15 years of consumer entertainment and simulation industry expertise. For further information, please visit .

About Havok

Havok® an Intel® company, is a leading provider of simulation and 3D visualization technologies. With a dedicated business division to serve the military and simulation industry, and close collaborations with leading technology partners in the space, Havok strives to deliver best-in-class solutions, support, and professional services and ensure the success of simulation projects for its customers and partners. With over 14 years serving the commercial games arena, Havok is battle-hardened and well adept to accommodating the most demanding technology requirements. Havok’s portfolio of technologies are fully scalable and optimized for performance to allow integrators to develop interactive, high-fidelity simulation environments in less time, with less risk, and at a lower cost than virtually any alternative method. Havok has offices in the U.S., Ireland, Germany and Asia.

About TrianGraphics

TrianGraphics was founded in 2004 and is based in Berlin, Germany. The owner-led enterprise is focusing on all aspects of virtual terrain generation and real-time simulation. TrianGraphics' flagship product Trian3DBuilder came into the market 2007 and combines a powerful feature set with a modern and simple user interface for the generation of detailed terrains of unlimited size. Besides the development of COTS products, TrianGraphics also offers professional services for modeling terrains for a multitude of platforms, as well as software development in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation.

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The latest release of Trian3DBuilder comes with new features, export formats, performance and code base improvements:


In addition to the new FBX exporter optimized for Unity®, we have achieved a seamless integration with Titan Vanguard and VBS. OpenStreetMap format is now directly loaded from online servers, and one-way roads are automatically fixed with an offset. An improved height brush and best matching algorithms to place buildings on footprints complete the feature set of version 6.5. Furthermore, Trian3DBuilder has been updated to OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1.
Our Team has been working hard to offer the best integration between Trian3DBuilder and

This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

As an additional goodie, our Service & Support Customers will find the Trian3D Model Library XT completely free of charge in the installer section of the portal. The Trian3D Model Library XT contains almost 500 models with different LODs optimized for real-time rendering, a powerful resource for your 3D terrains.




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