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Dipl. Ing. Stephan Kußmaul
[managing director]

Stephan Kußmaul gathered experience in 3D computer graphics during his studies. At DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG, he made essential contributions to the process of terrain generation from satellite images. He was involved in various virtual reality projects.
Mail: stephan.kussmaul (at)


Dipl. Inf. Mirco Nierenz
[managing director]

Mirco Nierenz acquired his knowledge in computer graphics during his studies of Computer Science. At TerraTools GmbH, he contributed considerably to various international projects in the fields of multimedia/entertainment. Owing to his capabilities in informatics and graphic design he soon took leading positions in various projects.
Mail: mirco.nierenz (at)


Dipl. Ing. Volker Walkiewicz
[managing director]

Since his studies, Volker Walkiewicz has dealt with software development in a variety of fields. He then specialised in 3D computer graphics. After a period of self-employment in the field of computer games, he changed to artemedia AG. There, he developed important components of a highly efficient virtual reality software for city visualization. Within the scope of his profession as developer in the field of simulation he has held several key positions.
Mail: volker.walkiewicz (at)


Felix Fürneisen
[Sales & Marketing]

While studying media informatics Felix Fürneisen focused on computer graphics and 3D content creation. The subsequent training from an Autodesk distributor provided both, technical know-how and extensive commercial knowledge-wide insights into various 3D industries..

Mail: felix.fuerneisen (at)


Graphik, Support & Entwickler - Team

The entire TrianGraphics team is constantly growing. If you do not have a specific contact person, contact us at the following email address or use our contact form.

Mail: support (at)



This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

As an additional goodie, our Service & Support Customers will find the Trian3D Model Library XT completely free of charge in the installer section of the portal. The Trian3D Model Library XT contains almost 500 models with different LODs optimized for real-time rendering, a powerful resource for your 3D terrains.

With our latest update Trian3DBuilder provides the base for language extensions as well as convenience tools and improvements in all sections of the software. Check out the new features for camera, roads, vector editing, VBS- and Steel Beasts Pro databases.

Our team is quickly expanding, and we are in a need of new coworkers. We have just opened a position for a C++ Software Developer, and still looking for a Junior Manager Assistant to help us with office tasks, marketing, sales and support.  We offer a nice working environment, great co-workers, interesting tasks, a fair salary and flexible working times. For more details take a look to our Career section



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